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frequently asked questions
Do you post process?  
The short answer is yes, although I attempt to keep it to a minimum. Most of my digital images are post processed in some matter, most often for color or contrast correction to return the photograph to what the scene looked like in my mind's eye when I took the shot or with a black and white conversion to alter the feel of the image. It is my intention to create beautiful works of art when capturing the image and not by fancy manipulation of the digital negative afterwards.  
What is stereoscopic photography?  
Stereoscopic photography or three dimensional photography is the capturing of three dimensional visual information so as to create the illusion of depth in a two dimensional image. This illusion is created by presenting a slightly different image to each eye. The process involves taking two pictures of the same scene at slightly different angles to simulate the view from each of our eyes. When I viewed my first stereoscopic photograph, I was instantly transported back to the spot (near a snowy cliff over looking Byrce National Park) and was amazed how the image, more than other similar 2D photographs of the same scene, was able to make me feel as if I were there once again. Since then, I have been taking images of landscapes that most people would say are "near impossible to capture" with regards to the size/grandeur/scale of the location. See it for yourself and I hope you will feel the difference. Note: the process of relaxing the eyes is difficult and most people have difficulty seeing these images without special viewing glassess. The viewing technique is similar to Magic Eye. Follow this link for more information and exercises.